Saturday, February 24, 2007

All IN or FOLD

Tonight ONLY!!!


Private tournament on Full Tilt Poker


Saturday at 9 pm EST.

Password is igoallinorfold**

If by some chance you haven’t played before the rules are as follows:

· You go all in or you fold

· Turn off your auto muck, as you should show your cards each time it is folded to you.

**As usual, yes it is fine if you would like to share this password with friends. Although, it isn’t a good idea to give out the pass in a table chat!! As always, just make sure the person you are inviting knows the RULES of how to play.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Limit Craziness

Mkay, this guy really irked me when he chased his flush and hit. Especially when he had no part whatsoever of that flop or turn.

FullTiltPoker Game #1826700873: Table Gulliver (speed) - $0.50/$1 - Limit Hold'em - 23:05:01 ET - 2007/02/18
Seat 1: Gaitor77 ($17.85)
Seat 2: D-generate ($27.50)
Seat 3: thebrain47 ($16.75)
Seat 4: john55 ($16.80)
Seat 5: gadzooks64 ($16.65)
Seat 6: BenThinkn ($6.60)
Seat 7: Donkeyboy5 ($15)
Seat 8: ch4140 ($5.50)
Seat 9: Cabo_Shot ($25.70)
thebrain47 posts the small blind of $0.25
john55 posts the big blind of $0.50
The button is in seat #2
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to gadzooks64 [Ac Qd]
gadzooks64 raises to $1 Def worth a raise
BenThinkn folds
Donkeyboy5 folds
ch4140 has 7 seconds left to act
ch4140 folds
Cabo_Shot folds
Gaitor77 folds
D-generate folds
thebrain47 calls $0.75 Calls from SB with Th4h
john55 folds
*** FLOP *** [9h 3h Ad] Hits me, misses him
thebrain47 bets $0.50
gadzooks64 raises to $1 Damn straight I'm raising
thebrain47 calls $0.50
*** TURN *** [9h 3h Ad] [Qc]
thebrain47 checks
gadzooks64 bets $1
thebrain47 calls $1
*** RIVER *** [9h 3h Ad Qc] [2h] Damn heart
thebrain47 bets $1
gadzooks64 calls $1
*** SHOW DOWN ***
thebrain47 shows [Th 4h] (a flush, Ten high)
gadzooks64 mucks
thebrain47 wins the pot ($8.10) with a flush, Ten high
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $8.50 | Rake $0.40
Board: [9h 3h Ad Qc 2h]
Seat 1: Gaitor77 didn't bet (folded)
Seat 2: D-generate (button) didn't bet (folded)
Seat 3: thebrain47 (small blind) showed [Th 4h] and won ($8.10) with a flush, Ten high
Seat 4: john55 (big blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 5: gadzooks64 mucked [Ac Qd] - two pair, Aces and Queens
Seat 6: BenThinkn didn't bet (folded)
Seat 7: Donkeyboy5 didn't bet (folded)
Seat 8: ch4140 didn't bet (folded)
Seat 9: Cabo_Shot didn't bet (folded)

Now, you'd think that Cabo would realize what this idiot was doing. But, I probably call that river, too. At least this time, he flopped an OESD and turned a flush draw. But come on, 93 sooooooooted?

Pokerslut Tour III Razz

Be sure to check out the Leaderboards for results of the latest Pokerslut Tour Razz event.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Poker Chips

Ok, I admit it.

I have a thing for poker chips.

My first set was one of the original WPT sets in a wooden box from Sam's Club. I had them for ages before I actually played with them. They are quite nice. They are heavy enough, 11.5 g composite clay, and sound nice when you shuffle them. The rounded edges make them a little easier to shuffle but they do have a nasty tendency to topple over when they are stacked.

Since I hadn't really played with the original set I didn't know about the chips' tendency to fall over before I bought a Bellagio set. By then I'd figured out that I really didn't have enough chips to have a proper tournament.

These are the same as the original WPT chips just different colors. Which actually becomes an issue when you are planning a tournament. You really really REALLY don't want to have to have two different colors as the same denomination. It's confusing enough when you don't have the denomination actually on the chip.

Once I finally figured out how many chips I would need I started to hunt for another Bellagio set. Turns out T's brother had one he was willing to part with in exchange for an SD card for his camera. SOLD!

So finally I had enough chips.

Then I had some tournaments. I don't know about you, but I can certainly remember what the chip values are after about 10 minutes. But, apparently, I'm the next best thing to a rocket scientist. I was shocked, SHOCKED! I say, to discover how many people could not remember this for the entire night, and the next night and the next night... you get the picture.

I was on eBay on day looking for Copag cards. I stumbled on this poker supply store with a great selection of stuff. I ended up calling them on the phone and ordering several things. Mark over there was awesome.

While I was perusing I saw these poker chips.

I was dazzled. I talked Mark into sending me a sample of each chip. I wasn't sure I would like them. I found it hard to believe that I could tell a difference between 11.5g and 14g. To be honest, I thought the 14g might have been an "exaggeration".

These chips are AWESOME.

Are they clay? Hardly.

Are they cheap? Absolutely.

Do they feel or look cheap? Not on your life.

The best part? The denomination is right on the chip!

The next best part? They will custom mix any combination (within 25 chip) you want.

I ordered 1000 chips and 10 chip trays for about $115 including shipping. You can't beat that with a Royal Flush. I did end up having to order 200 more chips in order to have enough to have a 50 person tournament. I assume most of you won't be needing to do that.

The denominations I picked work well for cash stakes or tournament. I bought a few 10 so that I could play .10/.20 or .10/.25 NLHE cash. The rest are 25, 100, 500 and 1000 denomination.

I can not stand the WPT chips anymore. They are too light and the rounded edges bother me. Additionally, they are slightly thicker than the average chip and I can only get 19 in a row of a rack. I actually had Mark check for me that you could fit 20 of these Franklin chips into a chip tray before I bought them. Just another small annoyance but when you get into having a home game/tournament it makes a difference.

If you are in the market for some chips I would highly recommend the Franklins. They also have a Las Vegas and High Roller design for the same chips.

If you ever want to have a tournament you MUST go the Home Poker Tourney for everything you will ever need or want to know about running a game. This is where I figured out how many chips and what denominations I needed.

I would also recommend you download this free software. It's very easy to use and they even have a forum to help you.

Now get out there and play some poker!

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

So I'm playin a round of playchip with the kid, and *tear* she made me so proud

She's been learning to play for over a year now, and sometimes she surprises me with how well she plays. I quit helping her about 6-7 mos ago, so she can learn on her own.

Full Tilt Poker Game #1809707761: Table Play Chip 326 - 5/10 - Pot Limit Hold'em - 16:07:19 ET - 2007/02/16
Seat 1: rvayo (1,000)
Seat 2: oozzy (353)
Seat 3: millfox (1,083)
Seat 4: uniden27 (8,428)
Seat 5: wcox46554 (7,821)
Seat 6: wenz1515 (920)
Seat 7: teebletobbles (2,311)
Seat 9: khanwoman (7,752)
millfox posts the small blind of 5
uniden27 posts the big blind of 10
rvayo posts 10
The button is in seat #2
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to khanwoman [As Ts]
wcox46554 raises to 20
wenz1515 calls 20
teebletobbles raises to 105
khanwoman calls 105
rvayo calls 95
oozzy calls 105
millfox calls 100
uniden27 raises to 440
wcox46554 calls 420
wenz1515 calls 420
teebletobbles raises to 2,311, and is all in
khanwoman folds
rvayo folds
oozzy calls 248, and is all in
millfox folds
teebletobbles is feeling happy
khanwoman: gl kiddo
uniden27 raises to 4,182
wcox46554 calls 3,742
wenz1515 calls 480, and is all in
*** FLOP *** [Jd 5c 6d]
teebletobbles: no you
uniden27 bets 4,246, and is all in
wcox46554 calls 3,639, and is all in
uniden27 shows [Qh Kd]
wcox46554 shows [Js 2s]
wenz1515 shows [3s Jh]
teebletobbles shows [Ad Ah]
oozzy shows [9d Ac]
Uncalled bet of 607 returned to uniden27
*** TURN *** [Jd 5c 6d] [4d]
*** RIVER *** [Jd 5c 6d 4d] [9h]
uniden27 shows King Queen high
wcox46554 shows a pair of Jacks
wcox46554 wins side pot #3 (11,020) with a pair of Jacks
teebletobbles shows a pair of Aces
teebletobbles wins side pot #2 (4,173) with a pair of Aces
wenz1515 shows a pair of Jacks
teebletobbles wins side pot #1 (2,268) with a pair of Aces
oozzy shows a pair of Nines
teebletobbles wins the main pot (2,080) with a pair of Aces
khanwoman: pwned
oozzy is sitting out
wenz1515 is sitting outBut then she got her chips in bad and sucked out on me... rotten apple?

Full Tilt Poker Game #1809753853: Table Play Chip 326 - 5/10 - Pot Limit Hold'em - 16:15:34 ET - 2007/02/16
Seat 4: uniden27 (0), is sitting out
Seat 5: well done69 (1,000)
Seat 6: geo32561 (2,915)
Seat 7: teebletobbles (7,931)
Seat 8: aknatz04 (2,010)
Seat 9: khanwoman (5,867)
geo32561 has 5 seconds left to act
geo32561 posts the big blind of 10
The button is in seat #1
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to khanwoman [Ac Td]
teebletobbles raises to 30
aknatz04 calls 30
khanwoman calls 30
geo32561 raises to 50
teebletobbles raises to 210
T-DUB07 sits down
aknatz04 folds
T-DUB07 adds 400
khanwoman calls 180
geo32561 calls 160
*** FLOP *** [Jh 5c Ad]
geo32561 checks
teebletobbles bets 660
khanwoman raises to 2,640
geo32561 has 15 seconds left to act
geo32561 folds
teebletobbles calls 1,980
*** TURN *** [Jh 5c Ad] [7d]
teebletobbles has 15 seconds left to act
teebletobbles bets 10
khanwoman raises to 3,017, and is all in
teebletobbles calls 3,007
khanwoman shows [Ac Td]
teebletobbles shows [Kd 9d]
*** RIVER *** [Jh 5c Ad 7d] [3d]
khanwoman shows a pair of Aces
teebletobbles shows a flush, Ace high
teebletobbles wins the pot (11,974) with a flush, Ace high
khanwoman is sitting out

Children are so evil.

But seriously, we have a great time playing poker together. I have a 7 yr old and a 3 yr old and they both understand the game, on their own levels. I think it's a great learning tool, especially when I see my youngest counting out chips and seeing what "equals" a call etc, and even waiting her turn. And when I see the oldest deciding what to bet or when to raise, it's degeneracy at its finest!

Good News/Bad News

Full Tilt Poker just released a Beta Version with


Tribeca Network is closing to U.S. Players

I am so bummed. I sure will miss those fish over at Poker Host. They are switching to the Microgaming network which is all fine and dandy if you DON'T LIVE IN THE STATE OF ILLINIOS! Or any other of the 11 states that Microgaming does not support.

Oh well, I needed some poker money for Vegas Palooza. I'll probably try to put some of it on FTP, too. That'll be an adventure.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Pokerslut Tour

Pokerslut Tour
Full Tilt Poker
Sundays 9:00 eastern
$5.00 + .50

Season III
  • 01/28/2007 - NLHE
  • 02/04/2007 - none
  • 02/11/2007 - Limit Omaha Hi/Lo
  • 02/18/2007 - Razz
  • 02/25/2007 - Stud
  • 03/04/2007 - LHE
  • 03/11/2007 - Pot Limit Omaha
  • 03/18/2007 - HORSE
  • 03/25/2007 - Stud Hi/Lo

We are in Season III of the Pokerslut Tour.

Be sure to check out our Leaderboard.


Yeah, stud.

A game most of us don't play too much.

The next AIPS event is tonight and it's gonna be stud.

T and I decided to hit a cheap stud sng last night for some practice.

I got seriously lucky a couple of times to make it down to the bubble.

That's when I got this hand.

I just limped in hoping that maybe T would think I had a weak hand. And, damnit, wouldn't you know that last one has to pop up next. There was no way I could not bet it.

T folded of course.

Damn her.