Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pokerslut Tour ...

It's tonight, and every Sunday for that matter -

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

it's never too early...

"No sweetie, it's only THE HAMMER when it's not suited."

Monday, September 24, 2007

Pokerslut Tour VI LO8 Results

Season VI Leaderboard
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Overall Leaderboard
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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Annette pwns!

"I didn't get paid off on my big hands but I hit a lot of flops with my more mediocre holdings."

- Annette Obrestad

She kicked their butts!

I love the fact that getting down to 20BB didn't phase her at all.

This girl is going to pwn poker for a long time to come. I'm glad she's got a good head on her. I doubt we'll ever see pictures of her flashing her private parts to the world while she's on her way to get plastered at some ritzy bar.... well not for a couple more years anyway!!

Note: Sarcasm is my forte', if you don't get it don't bother reading this blog ;).

Monday, September 17, 2007

Two birds - one stone...

For those of you who live in a hole and read the Pokerslut blog before every other poker blog

a) you're a lewzor
b) Annette_15 just won the WSOPE Main Event, becoming the first woman, and youngest player to do so.

This is major stuff boys. And ladies, it means those bathroom lines at the big turneys are gonna get longer.

NINETEEN years old... sick sick sick stuff.

Get em girl!!

Someone (no not zerb) said she looks like yours truly. I say, gimmie the two mill to hold up and we can test the theory!

Pokerslut Tour VI NLHE DS Results

Season VI Leaderboard

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Overall Leaderboard

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

in the black...

Or, the GREEN as the case may be

I've switched over to Stud8 as my frustration level with nick dime was increasing (not to mention my money going bye bye). I feel I have more of an edge in this game when it comes to ring play. But, we will see how it holds in the long run.

Since I heart irony --

SlimFatty: why pay the rake

Dealer: SlimFatty has 15 seconds left to act notice he wasn't sure his lo was gooood

Dealer: khanwoman wins the high pot ($2.15) with two pair, Nines and Eights
Dealer: SlimFatty wins the low pot ($2.10) with 8,5,4,2,A

khanwoman: oh, mah bad, ill just stop betting from now on

SlimFatty: i guess u dont understand thats ok

khanwoman: im a girl, what do you expect --omg I crack myself up!

SlimFatty: well u had the high and no chance at the low i was showing the low so every time you bet we are spliting it and paying the rake with only 2 players --this is the best part, I use the "I'm a girl" line and he just cant resist

SlimFatty: 50 cents to win 45 not too smart

khanwoman: and ill keep makin u pay to chase

SlimFatty: i was showing 4 cards for the low u idiot

khanwoman: ya w two high under -- takes an idiot to know that too

khanwoman: gfy

Dealer: khanwoman wins the high pot ($4.50) with a straight, Eight high
Dealer: khanwoman wins the low pot ($4.50) with 6,5,4,3,2


World Cup of Poker

There's a live feed thanks to our friends at PokerStars.

Greg Raymer is playing for the US team.




(props to (no not zerbet) for the linkage)

Saturday, September 01, 2007

br update...

I haven't played much this week because of this...

My past 4 sessions were all LEWZORS, and other than one happened very quickly. Once I got my $$ in behind w QQ vs KK, but against the player I called off my stack to, I'd pry do it again.

I'm currently challenging myself to play with my head clear, ie: no distractions etc., which in my house is rare. This is another reason for not too many sessions this week.

I decided to go eff around with $3 I had left over on UB, and turned it into almost $50 playing sngs and 08 ring. I think I'm trying to hard with the whole br challenge thing and I needed to just go blow some steam with money that wasn't involved in my FTP br.

Steam Blown and ready to roll.