Sunday, January 27, 2008

Roccopalooza Day 1

The drive up to Chicago was far more pleasant than I thought it would be. Props to T for the TomTom she gave me for Xmas. I definitely heart my TomTom!

I picked DTM up on the way and he proceeded to lob me softballs that I hit outta the park of course. He asked why I was so mean and I replied, "You make it too easy, duh!"

Thankfully, Huck had already checked into the Poker Party Palace and told the nice lady at the desk to let us have a key since my room wasn't ready yet. Dan and I hauled the two tables and 16 chairs, chips, cards and Poker Party Paraphernalia up two flights of stairs tyvm.

We then head out the official liquor store of Roccopalooza: Famous Liquors. I called T and took her order as we filled a basket with goodies. We head back with our haul and unpack as Huck, Rocco and Knighty arrive. They immediately head out to... wait for it, wait for it... the official liquor store of Roccopalooza: Famous Liquors.

Alrighty then. Now that the fridge is stocked it's time to play some POKER!

The five of us start a .10/.25 NLHE cash game. T was the next to arrive (if I remember correctly) then Asian finally found his way to the hotel after something like 5 phone calls. Hard to believe that boy only lives 20 minutes away!

Huck started off donking it up like the Huck we know and love. He had already rebought once maybe even twice when this hand came up. I took a free flop 3 ways with Huck and Dan with Q7o. The flop AQX. Huck fires out A DOLLAH and I call knowing he's full of it. I don't remember if Dan called. Huck fires a couple more DOLLAHS on the turn when a blank hits and I say "I'm all in". He goes into the tank and says he had a part of that and eventually folds his Q face up and then I flash him mine. I had his kicker by one pip. This was the start of a glorious evening.

Side note: what is it about playing live cash that makes you think that calling a bet with a lonely little $1 chip is the thing to do on a board like that when, if I were playing online, I would have insta-folded that hand? $1 seems like so much more money when you are throwing it around on Full Tilt. We ended up with over $400 on this table. Do you ever see that on a .10/.25 table on Full Tilt? Ok, let me qualify that: any table that's NOT the Forum Table?

MTPockets, eriver, Sly round out the cast of characters when I hit my biggest pot. Eriver raised to $1 utg, Huck calls, I call with TT, and then I get up to look at T's cards cause she's off somewhere. MTPockets is between T and I and he reraises to $4 nanoseconds after I say "Oh, T's calling (the $1)". I then said, "Ok, now she's gonna have to decide for herself." T had 99 and opted to call the $4 as did eriver, Huck and I. The flop came down AQT. Woooooot! I hit bottom set and I'm hoping somebody has AQ and doesn't suck out on me. Eriver led for $10 and with $42+ behind I shoved (I bought in for $20 and had chipped up partly when I hit top two v Asians bluff shove!).

All in? Orly?

MT goes into the tank for a few and decides to call. The shocker was when eriver called as well. Eriver was on a heart draw and MT had AK. He later said it was a donkey call and I have to agree because he was waaaaay behind even just AQ at that point. My TT holds and I take down a HUGE pot.

The cash games breaks up and we decide to play a 6-handed PLO tournament. This is my first time ever playing PLO live. It took a while for us to figure out what a pot bet and raise were but I think we finally got it.

Did I mention that we started drinking as soon as we had booze?

Man I can't believe I left THAT part out.

Early on I had a wheel wrap draw that hit on the river and took some chips off of MT. He wasn't too happy with me but I did have outs. I was surprised at how fast people went out. I used the same structure I use for my home game and it's pretty slow. No need to donk it up. But I guess that's what happens when you give people 4 cards!

We had the final table around level 3 or 4 (20 minute levels) and the next 2 went out pretty fast. The bubble was upon us. Sly was the SB to my BB and he limped in. I popped it with a nicely suited Ace hand and he called. The flop came down A34 and Sly leads into me. Now, I'd been trying to represent a big hand and I did have an A so I re-popped him essentially putting him all in. Sly went into the tank and I really didn't want to a call here. Eventually he did call with A4 for two pair. Shit! After the turn I was drawing dead to a 7, not a good place to be but OMGWTF! the river was a 7 sending Sly home on the booble as my French ami Compton would say. Sorry Sly!

ITM Bitches!

This did nothing to improve my image with MTPockets; he was still whining about that wheel hand. MT takes T out and we end up headups. We push the same few chips back and forth for a while when we get to a hand we both want to get it all in with. He flopped top and bottom and I flopped middle set on a T64 board. My set of 6s holds up and I'm the Winnah! Woooooot!

As soon as T got knocked out I heard the words "strip club" and then the room was practically empty. I was like, um WTF!?!?!? did you bitches leave me here to go to a strip club!?!?!

So, it's 11:30 and I BUZZED! SRSLY BUZZED! I decided to take the rest of my stuff to my room. Once I got there I wasn't in the mood for any more drinking or poker and I crashed. The phone rings at 1:30 and a voice says T is trashed, let her in the door at the same time I'm opening the door. She falls the two steps in the door to her sofa bed and crashes without a word. I don't know what made me do it but I fixed up her bed before I crashed. Good thing, too.

I'm still pissed about the strip club. Srsly.

Stay tuned for Day 2!

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