Sunday, January 27, 2008

Roccopalooza Day 2

Despite waking up at 1:30 to let T stumble into the room I was unable to snooze in late as planned. I guess that's what happens when you hit that certain age where your body just refuses to NOT wake up.

I strolled over to the registration/breakfast area and grabbed some eats and headed back to the room. OMGWTF my ears are FROZEN. Turns out the temperature was -1° with a windchill of -14°. D'oh. I made a pot of coffee and fired up the laptop.

T slowly gained consciousness. I called the Poker Party Room to see what the status of the mystery guest was only to be informed that we would hear from him when he arrived.

After slurping down a pot of decaf while T made her high octane we get the call. The mystery guest was on his way to our room with Rocco! We were stumped. He wasn't anybody we'd seen before. I made a stab with a guess of Entegee and he was impressed when I nailed it! Wooooooot! Not bad for somebody I'd hardly heard of.

You think Huck and Entegee have some history?

We decided it was time to get some poker going and headed to the Poker room where there was some sign of life. Knighty showed up just in time for "Shuffle up and Deal!". Rocco drew the "Jesus Seat" left of Huck. If Huck raised you knew Rocco was calling. And he did. And he did... and he did. Only once did a hand of Rocco's hold up though. He managed to get it all in with an OESD that hit on the river. NH Rocco!

Huck was getting his game on again when he called REV's allin with 45o. I'm sure REV was not happy when he saw this flop and the turn sealed his fate.

I was definitely not PERKY this morning, nobody was. Maybe this will explain why:


We all start getting hungry for lunch and WTF?! Pizza!?!?!? You must be kidding me! But no, we ordered pizza knowing we were going out to a famous Chicago pizzaria for dinner. WTF were we thinking?

Pizza: the official meal of Roccopalooza.


After a brief nap and shower we meet before dinner to show off our new "EFF ROCCO" tshirts. They were a hit.

Eff Rocco!

We even wore them out to dinner!

It was back to the Poker Party Room for more, yeah, you guessed it, poker. This time we had a table of LO8 and one of S8. I played a little O8 - not my favorite game - then cashed out to join Rocco on the couch. We had the tv going but not much of interest was on until we stumbled on to an episode of the WSOP Tunica Circuit Event that Daniel Negreanu won.

No, I wasn't sleeping just resting.

I called it a night as soon as that was over. I have no knowledge of what went on after I went to bed. None. Don't even ask. I know nothing. Nothing, I say.

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