Sunday, January 06, 2008

sluts n tours n whatnot...

I'm telling you, it's hard, time consuming work, being a slut. At least that's my excuse for not posting in like 6 months!

But I did manage to make it out to Zooks last weekend for some douchebaggery and bowling.

Saturday night Zooks had her homegame. For those of you who have never been (which is most of you), Zooks has the BESTEST home games. She has nice tables, nice cards, nice chips, good structure, keeps it organized, and she even tends to stay sober and be a good host.

Your friendly neighborhood Pokersluts
Zooks and Khan

I mean what else can you ask for!! Oh wait, I know... maybe that she doesn't rig the turney so she ALWAYS WINS!!

Another thing you may not know, since you've never been to Zooks home game is that she makes you wear GOD DAMNED NAME TAGS. I guess it's not so bad because you do end up always knowing a persons name, but you see, (SW) when you're as kewl as I am, you always get a "special" name tag. This game I was KW Bitches, which is fine when I'm around a bunch of effers that know me by KDub, but it drew a lot of questions from others. My favorite was from Mary when she said,

Mary: "So, what's your name?"

Me: "I'm Teresa"

Mary: "OK, cause I was just gonna call you Bitch, but I thought it might be a bad first impression"

Me: "It's OK, I answer to that too"

I liked her right away!!!

And for all the awesome new people I had the pleasure of meeting that evening, I have two things for you:

1. The story about Bitches

2. 88 is called ladies night because... WHAT GIRL DOESN'T LIKE TO GET 8 TWICE?!?

Zooks gives a really good breakdown of the game here. It's always a better story when you won, so go read most of the details there.

Personally, I remember rivering a 3 to beat a pair of 5's that should have folded to my all in anyway (ya I'm talking about you Jeff), having my AK cracked by A7 (ya I'm talking about you Gordo), building my stack back up and then going el busto on a bluff (again getting called by a hand that should have folded- and by this time I can't remember who did this... was it Tim?).
No offense to the callers, obviously, but I'm just sayin :)

Oh, and somehow I did end up with a name tag that said "Teresa" at some point... I put it to good use.

Anyhoo, we played some cash after the turney and I won a pretty big pot putting me up quite a bit, and managed to spew it back (which I'm sure Jeff was thrilled about) over the next few hours.

But, at the end of the night we were invited to a game at Mary and Gordo's the next day! The sluts were down, sfobv, but the sluts also tow 4 kids in line and we needed a sitter. Mr. Zooks pulled through for us and didn't even charge! HOLLA!

We used the tomtom to get us to their house on time for the game, and they had a pretty kewl set up! One day I want a finished basement with a stocked bar, poker table, and 3 TVs... hell, they had places to sit AND a bathroom! I was in heaven.

My stack was up n down the entire turney, mostly what I remember is Shane's hair, Toby having a horrible run of luck, Tucker's iPhone and getting down to three way action with Gordo and Tucker.

I busted Tucker when he limped on my BB and I flopped two pair, lucky me.

Then Gordo and I played HU, we went back in forth for 10-15 mins and I was getting bored. I double checked the payout and it was only a $15 difference between 1st and 2nd, so my 78s looked goooooooood and I pushed in. Gordo called me with his Ace but I drew out. I think we played a few more hands, and I hit again and won the turney.

Earlier that day Zooks took me bowling for the first time!! I've been to visit her many times and we had never made it bowling. It was a great time (even the kids had fun) and zooks is an awesome bowler!! I might have to do a bowling class in school and try to show her up :) yayaya I know, GLWT!!

Last but definitely not least...


You've had two weeks off, so bring your game!


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  1. It was nice to meet you. I'm glad you had a good time in Illinois.

    Let us know next time you are in town and we can get a bigger game organized with food and drink included.